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Featuring case-study based contributions from leading experts throughout Europe and North America, this multidisciplinary work seeks to assess some of these key questions with reference to recent and current trends concerning multiculturalism, cultural diversity and integration in their respective countries, evaluating questions such as.

Focusing on the practice and policy of multiculturalism from a comparative perspective this work will be of interest to scholars from a wide range of disciplines including migration, anthropology and sociology. The Power of Identity.

Professor Steven Vertovec

Manuel Castells. Political Geography. Colin Flint. Phil Ryan. Multiculturalism: A Very Short Introduction. Ali Rattansi. Resistance in the Age of Austerity. Owen Worth. Strangers No More. Richard Alba. Public Justice and the Anthropology of Law. Ronald Niezen.

The Multicultural Backlash: European Discourses, Policies and Practices

The Crises of Multiculturalism. Alana Lentin. Globalization and Contestation. Ronaldo Munck. Partnership of convenience. Simon M. A Community of Europeans? Thomas Risse. Legitimacy and Legality in International Law. Stephen J. The Puzzle of Non-Western Democracy. Richard Youngs. Beyond a Border. Peter Kivisto. European Multiculturalism Revisited.

Alessandro Silj. Fear, Anxiety, and National Identity. Nancy Foner. Women's Human Rights. Niamh Reilly.

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Regional Powers and Regional Orders. Nadine Godehardt. International Law and the Third World. Richard Falk. Ethics and Global Security. Anthony Burke. Planetary Politics. Stephen Eric Bronner. Identity and Participation in Culturally Diverse Societies.

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  6. Grace: Gods Unmerited Favour;

Assaad E. From Contention to Democracy.

Marco G. The Politics of Belonging. Nira Yuval-Davis. The Search for a European Identity. Furio Cerutti. Transforming Gendered Well-Being in Europe. Jean-Michel Bonvin. European Union Non-Discrimination Law. Dagmar Schiek. Racial Discrimination.

Masoud Kamali. Mastering Globalization. Global Perspectives on the Politics of Multiculturalism in the 21st Century. Fethi Mansouri. Women And The State. Shirin M.


The Politics of Education. Christos Kassimeris. The Lesbian and Gay Movement and the State. David Paternotte. Rethinking Globalism. Manfred B. Queer Wars. Dennis Altman. The Road from Authoritarianism to Democratization in Indonesia. Rethinking Anti-Racisms. Floya Anthias. Amitav Acharya. The Globalization of Political Violence. Richard Devetak.

Cultures and Globalization. Professor Helmut K Anheier. Thinking International Relations Differently. Arlene B. Bryan S.

Multiculturalism back on the agenda

Recasting the Social in Citizenship. Engin F. Rethinking Peacebuilding. Karin Aggestam. Global Civil Society. Mary Kaldor. Gender and Civil Society. Jude Howell. The Global Politics of Globalization. Barry K.

The Backlash against Multiculturalism | Heimatkunde - migrationspolitisches Portal

Europe: No Migrant's Land? Maurizio Ambrosini a cura di. Cities and Labour Immigration. Michael Alexander. Rethinking Border Control for a Globalizing World. Leanne Weber. Rethinking National Identity in the Age of Migration.