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Later this year, the European Commission has to submit a report to the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament with its views on tobacco tax policy in the EU.

Details on new smoking law in Texas starting Sept 1, 2019

A publication issued by the Commission expressed the beliefs that tobacco consumption should be controlled by increasing tobacco excises and that harmonization should proceed on the basis of specific rates. This article reviews and evaluates EU tobacco tax policies. It supports the move towards specific taxation, but notes that there are conceptual and empirical limits to excessively high tobacco taxes.

Smokers appear to pay their way and cigarette smuggling is a growing menace to health and revenue objectives. Suggested Citation: Suggested Citation. Subscribe to this free journal for more curated articles on this topic. Subscribe to this fee journal for more curated articles on this topic. Is Addiction "Rational"? Theory and Evidence. By Jonathan Gruber and Botond Koszegi. An Empirical Analysis of Cigarette Addiction. By Gary S. Becker , Michael Grossman , Rational Addictive Behavior and Cigarette Smoking. By Frank J.

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The Economics of Smoking. Chaloupka and Kenneth E. By Jonathan Gruber and Sendhil Mullainathan.

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By Eugene M. Lewit , Douglas Coate , Chaloupka and Henry Wechsler. With Smoke-Filled Rooms , W. Kip Viscusi provides unexpected answers to these questions, drawing on an impressive range of data on several topics central to the smoking policy debate. Based on surveys of smokers in the United States and Spain, for instance, he demonstrates that smokers actually overestimate the dangers of smoking, indicating that they are well aware of the risks involved in their choice to smoke.

And while smoking does increase medical costs to the states, Viscusi finds that these costs are more than financially balanced by the premature mortality of smokers, which reduces their demands on state pension and health programs, so that, on average, smoking either pays for itself or generates revenues for the states. Viscusi's eye-opening assessment of the tobacco lawsuits also includes policy recommendations that could frame these debates in a more productive way, such as his suggestion that the FDA should develop a rating system for cigarettes and other tobacco products based on their relative safety, thus providing an incentive for tobacco manufacturers to compete among themselves to produce safer cigarettes.

Viscusi's hard look at the facts of smoking and its costs runs against conventional thinking. But it is also necessary for an informed and realistic debate about the legal, financial, and social consequences of the tobacco lawsuits. The maintenance crew at the Capitol will bear more of the "sin tax" levied on cigarettes than will members of Congress who voted to boost it.

Cigarettes are not a financial drain to the U.

In fact, they are self-financing, as a consequence of smokers' premature mortality. The general public estimates that 47 out of smokers will die from lung cancer because they smoke. Smokers believe that 40 out of will die of the disease. Scientists estimate the actual number of smokers who will die from lung cancer to be between 7 and Please sign in to write a review.

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