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  1. Best Baby Shower gift, Personalized fairy tooth box - Greta Oto Design
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If there is an uneven number of people?

I wanted to have some fun games yesterday Christmas day with my family…? I chose this game for our Christmas table.

My family rolled their eyes when at the end of the meal I said I wanted to play a game… And then I began… and the hilarity started!!! It was SO much fun!

Best Baby Shower gift, Personalized fairy tooth box - Greta Oto Design

Thank you for sharing this game!! It was a total hit!!!?? Great idea! Thanks for sharing! Played this game last night at our company Christmas Party —- Some of the guys were not that impressed when I said game. But they were the ones that where having a great time. After the story we the presents were numbered and opened in order and could be exchanged with other presents like a regular white elephant gift exchange.

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That made it really fun too!!! The fun is in the confusion of getting up and exchanging it with anyone who is,across from them. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer A few years ago my mom used this game at a Christmas party with our family.

Top Gift & Speciality Shops in Port Fairy, Australia

Everyone will love it! Have fun! Merry Christmas With the Right Family-ing! Like It? Share It! Did you enjoy this post? Never miss another!

Encouragement and fun ideas delivered to your inbox. Found in: Melody's Hallway. A black graduation cap with a gold ribbon or blue tassel, or a blue book. A blue dress with dot print and a belt.

Product Features

Or A brown camera hanging from a black strap. Two masks, one half colored blue or red.


One mask looks happy, the other sad. Found in: Classroom B. A brown basket covered in a blue and white checkered cloth. A white and orange robotic cat or A white and green robotic dog with a bone in its mouth. Objective: Find out where you can get your outfit for science class Found in: Basement.

1. Remember your pure essence

Objective: Go with Rosa to buy picnic supplies Found in: Shops. A red, brown, and gold bow and arrow set with feathers and heart designs. Objective: Bring the dishes to the living room, Isolate yourself to write down a dare Found in: Garden. Go eat outside. Found in: Basement. Objective: Pass the time by walking around town Found in: The Shops. Objective: Go to school for prom Found in: Park at night. Objective: Go look for your friends and your boyfriend Found in: Science Classroom. A military style medal in red and gold, decorated with a cupcake on the ribbon.

Objective: Go to the dining hall; it's time to eat! Found in: Dormitory Lobby. Objective: Go back to your room Found in: Auditorium 2. Objective: Go to Mr. Zaidi's Class Found in: Dining Hall.